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International programme manager at Avanade, digital migrant as a family.
Bridging cultures does help, both.

Opinions mine.

Gianluca Marcellino - Home

Gianluca Marcellino – Home

Gianluca Marcellino – 2012-02-11



I love bridging cultures across organizations.
When organizations appreciate each other’s culture they work better together and with their customers and partners.

I have managed international alliances in Italy and Europe with North American and European information technology companies.
I have driven virtual teams with local insight and presence, global best practices and tools.

All opinions I express online are my personal ones.

Find out more on my online profiles, and on my blogs. Or just search “Gianluca Marcellino”.

Versione italiana qui.

Mi piace fare da ponte tra le culture di organizzazioni diverse.
Quando due organizzazioni capiscono la cultura l’una dell’altra lavorano meglio insieme e con i loro clienti e collaboratori.

Gestisco alleanze internazionali in Italia e in Europa con aziende informatiche nordamericane e europee.
Animo gruppi di lavoro virtuali con competenze e presenza locale, buone pratiche e strumenti globali.

Tutte le opinioni che esprimo online sono mie personali.

Per saperne di più: i miei profili online, e i miei blog. O basta cercare “Gianluca Marcellino”.

English version here.

This is where my public online profiles come together, business and personal.

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This is where my blogs come together. Currently I am posting on two:

Business experiences, mostly on alliances.

Personal experiences and notes.